It’s all about the story!


Let me tell me a story

Most of us have heard the quote that it is not what happens to us, but how respond to what happens to us that makes all the difference. While I agree with this, by itself, I believe there is a HUGE part missing to this statement. It is true that we all have events/circumstances/situations/setbacks/challenges/struggles etc…of varying degrees that happen to us on a daily basis, but it’s not so much about our single response to the event as it is about the STORY that we tell ourselves consistently about the event. The story we tell will determine how we see the event and the actions we take moving forward. When something happens to us, it usually happens once, but the story that we replay about that event in our mind happens over and over again. Which one do you think is more important, the single event or the ongoing story?

Don’t limit yourself

The story we tell ourselves is the single biggest factor that will  either help us to grow or hold us back. Negative stories create limiting beliefs, self doubt and turn us into “victims”. Positive ones create confidence, belief, growth and make us “victors”. How many people know someone that when they were little had a teacher or loved one or friend tell them something about themselves, that may have been true at the time, that they are still carrying with them today, maybe 20-30 years later, as a limiting belief? How many times do we personally accept the “labels” assigned to us by society as truth?

The point

Here is the point: to develop a leadership mindset, we need to look at every experience that happens to us as a positive, teachable moment. Just think how much faster we can grow if we see everything, success or failure, as an opportunity to learn a lesson and get stronger. Just remember it is up to us, individually, to determine what we will accomplish in this life and what story we will tell ourselves about what we experience. Just because someone has labeled you doesn’t mean it is true. Just because you have experienced loses or failures in the past doesn’t make them final or you a failure. In the end, You are the one who is telling the story, make it have a happy ending!

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